Jewelry has a meaning and emotion. It can carry and preserve love. Pieces of jewelry follow us through the different times of our lives: an ordinary day or a holiday, a rainy or a sunny day. They are a symbol of different events in our life, especially those which we would like to save in our memory - to remember, to cherish, to smile holding a necklace which your father gave you many years ago.
URA history started from exactly that necklace - my dad gave me a silver heart-shaped necklace as a gift. He used to travel for work a lot, I wore this necklace and felt like he was always around.
It has been more than 20 years and now my daughter is wearing that necklace. It is our little family story.
We would like every girl to have such a story - regardless of age. A story which makes you feel warm and - sometimes - shed a tear or two. A story which is always in your memory.

Create your warm stories together with URA!

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