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Our jewelry brand was established in 2018 in the heart of the Ural Mountains in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
What is the kindest, most cheerful, joyful and fervent word you remember from childhood? And now? Has something changed?
URA means "Hooray!" in Russian and this is exactly about the best emotions!
URA is when you win at volleyball at your gym class, when you get an excellent grade for a difficult task, when you learn how to skate or snowboard for the first time...
URA is when everyone gets together, when your friends are around, and you first rented a country house in the mountains..
URA this is when grandchildren send their granny a photo with a prize medal, or call from a distant country that she hasn't visited herself...
URA It's about the Urals, it's about all of us, about its inhabitants and its history with no boundaries, religion and politics.
URA is jewelry for you, jewelry that will become part of your story and your heart.
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