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Processing. the beginning.
Let's get acquainted with a new and clear tool that helps to convert data to visualisation.
As a creative person I was trying to start with inspiration that helps me to find motivation to learn the new tools like Processinf.
So I started to research the works of arts that are made with help of Processing. I'd like to share the most vivid pieces for me with you.
Principles of working with Processing.
Processing is a tool that was created to reach different goals with help of programming.
Processing speaks and thinks in English, so the commands we give are given in English, first of all.
You thought is written inside {} such braces.
We divide the command with ;
And use a bit of trigonometry in some cases.
The idea of Processing is an alternative way to transform code into real objects of arts.
Only imagination set the boundaries for creating in Processing.
Ot is a free program, design at first programming language.
Processing is a clear tool, but anyways there are some rules we need to remember about.
In fact in Processing we speak English and try to be clear to other people. We also need to use a bit of logic.

In Processing we do Sketches. Sketch can be a static or a moving. In fact it's possible to create a more difficult thing in Processing, like video game or app.
My way of understanding Processing
A typical studio lighting configuration will consist of a fill source to control shadow tone, a single frontal key light to create the highlight modeling clues on the front of object facing the camera over the shadows the fill illuminates, one or more rim/accent lights to create separation between foreground and background, and one or more background lights to control the tone of the background and separation between it and the foreground.
Note: My first sketch in Processing.
I find out the structure and algorithmic features that works in Processing.

Rules like:

-what is a sketch and how it works;

-the meaning of the numbers in a concrete position;

-the difference between "," and ";" in code;

-the meaning of {};

-found out how R;G;B system works inside of the code;

-research the examples of creative works in Processing.

My first sketch.
void setup (){
  size (300,300);
  background (25,55,155);
  stroke (70,200,105);
  ellipse (150,150,200,200);
  fill(255, 120, 150);  
  rect (70,50, 70, 50);
  rect (170,50, 70, 50);